8. FAQ

8.1. Virtual Machine

8.1.1. What is the password for the default user of the virtual machine?

The password for the default user, that is architech, is:



8.1.2. What is the password of sudo?

The default password of architech is architech. If you are searching more information about sudo command please refer to sudo section of the appendix.

8.1.3. What is the password for user root?

By default, Ubuntu 12.04 32bit comes with no password defined for root user, to set it run the following command:


sudo passwd root

Linux will ask you (twice, the second time is just for confirmation) to write the password for user root.

8.1.4. What are device files? How can I use them?

Please refer to device files section of the appendix.

8.1.5. I have problems to download the vm, the server cut down the connection

The site has limitation in bandwith. Use download manager and do not try to speed up the download. If you try to download fastly the server will broke up your download.

8.2. Pengwyn